Total entrusted pension investment exceeds RMB 1 trillion

Total entrusted pension investment exceeds RMB 1 trillion

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  On January 14, Lu Aihong, the headline of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (hereinafter referred to as the “Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security”), said at a press conference in the fourth quarter of 2019 that as of the end of 2019, 22 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) had signedEndowment insurance fund entrusted investment contracts, the total amount entrusted reached 109.3 billion US 杭州桑拿网 dollars.

Among them, 19 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) have started entrusted investment in the basic pension insurance fund for urban and rural residents, with a contract value of US $ 212.3 billion, an annual increase of US $ 135 billion.

  The comparison found that the contract investment amount in the fourth quarter of 2019 increased by 127 billion yuan from the previous month.

After verifying by Zhongzheng Jun (ID: xhszzb) to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, in order to ensure the accuracy of the data, the entrusted investment amount of local pension funds at the end of 2019 is still in the statistics.

  The “Administrative Measures for the Investment of Basic Pension Insurance Funds” stipulates that the proportion of basic pension investment in stocks and equity funds can reach 30%.

  Data source: The pension of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security newly invested these stocks. According to the statistics of flush iFinD, as of the third quarter of 2019, a total of 42 company shareholders have added pension funds.

Judging from the number of new shares, Zhangqu Technology is 3725.

96.44 million shares ranked first; judging from the value of stocks in circulation, Xinwei Communications ranked second.

63.4 billion.

  Source: Flushing iFinD pension system reform achieved new breakthroughs On January 11, Fan Yifei, deputy governor of the People ‘s Bank of China, said at the Global Wealth Management Forum ‘s first quarter summit in 2020 that under the pre-funded pension system, pension fundsManagement is closely related to the capital market, and it is necessary to promote the positive interaction between pension investment and the capital market.

  The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security stated that the provincial-level co-ordination of endowment insurance has been solidly promoted, laying a foundation for accelerating the nation-wide co-ordination.

The proportion of central transfers of pension funds has been increased to 3.

At 5%, positive progress was made in transferring some state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund.

The reform of the endowment insurance system of government agencies and institutions, and the market-oriented investment and operation of occupational annuities have progressed steadily.

  In addition, social insurance costs have steadily increased.

Basic pensions for retirees of enterprises, institutions and institutions continued to adjust, and 10 provinces increased basic pensions for urban and rural residents.

  The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security stated that the next step will continue to promote the reform of the pension insurance system.

We will continue to implement and improve the central transfer system of the fund, increase the intensity of transfers, and give more support to provinces with difficulties in fund revenue and expenditure.

Promote the overall planning of provincial-level pension insurance and accelerate the nationwide coordination.

Establish a multi-level endowment insurance system and promote the development of the third pillar of endowment insurance.

We will earnestly implement the merger of fee reduction policies and follow up the response to the policy of fee reduction.

  At the same time, strengthen supervision of social insurance funds.

Carry out information sharing and big data screening and comparison, improve supervision methods, strengthen fund supervision and management, and steadily promote the investment and operation of basic pension insurance funds, and comprehensively start the investment of basic pension insurance funds for urban and rural residents.

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