[How does chocolate melt when it melts_How does chocolate harden]


[How does chocolate melt when it melts_How does chocolate harden]

There are many types of chocolate on the market. People can choose according to their own preferences. In addition, you can also make chocolate at home to eat, or make chocolate cakes, chocolate ice cream and other desserts, but no matter what kind of chocolate, You must master the correct preservation method. If it is not stored properly, the chocolate will easily become soft, which will greatly affect the taste. So how to solve this problem?

How does chocolate harden?

Chocolate will harden in the refrigerator.

Chocolate has a melting point of about 36 掳 C and is a kind of food with strong heat sensitivity and difficult to keep.

Because the temperature of the human body surface is about this value, the chocolate in the pocket is easy to soften. In this case, if the temperature is reduced in time, the chocolate will harden again.

Chocolate storage temperature should be controlled between 12-18 掳 C, and relative humidity should not be higher than 65%.

Improper storage will cause softening and deformation, white spots on the surface, internal sanding, skewer or reduced aroma.

: After packaging or unused chocolate, it must be sealed again with plastic wrap, put in a cool, dry and ventilated place, and the temperature is preferably constant.

Chocolate sauce or fillings must be stored in a fresh-keeping cabinet.

If the temperature of the chocolate is too high, large stripes or spots will appear on the surface.

If placed in a wet and cold environment, off-white films may appear. These changes will not have much effect on the aroma and flakes of chocolate, and they can still be used for cooking and baking.

If it is stored properly, pure chocolate and bitter sweet chocolate can be stored for more than one year. Milk chocolate and white chocolate should not be stored for more than six months.

Filling the chocolate in a fresh-keeping bag and putting it in the refrigerator can quickly harden the chocolate.

Supplement: Chocolate contains more than 300 known chemicals.

Scientists have analyzed and tested these substances one by one for hundreds of years, and in the process, they have continuously discovered and proved the various pharmacological effects of various ingredients of chocolate on the human body.

Chocolate is a natural guardian against heart disease.

It is rich in multi-source phenol complexes, and this complex plays a significant role in preventing the oxidation or accumulation of harmful substances in human arteries.

The phenolic compound of chocolate can not only prevent the chocolate itself from being slightly corrupted and acidified, but also can be quickly absorbed by the blood vessels after being ingested into the human body, the antioxidant content in the blood is significantly increased, and it quickly acts as a resistance to stopLDL oxidizes and inhibits the activity of platelets in blood vessels.

These constituents play an important role in keeping blood flow in human blood vessels.

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