[How to maintain physical health for single men and women]


[How to maintain physical health for single men and women]

Women: Being alone for too long, feeling more and more of the opposite sex, doubting that they have lost their sexual desire, do women really suffer from depression because of the “sex window period” and “sex period”?

In fact, this issue cannot be generalized.

This is related to women’s attitudes towards sexual experience.

Since puberty, women are affected by estrogen and have different degrees of desire for heterosexual and sexual life. This is also a normal sexual psychological process.

If women’s sexual experience is not good or even disgusting, then the “sex window period” will not make her feel embarrassed and sad.

However, if the Air Force has experienced the climax, it will have a strong desire for the opposite sex during the “sex window”.

Some women who are emotionally sensitive and not tolerant of external pressures may develop anxiety and depression. If this is the case, it is easy to develop depression.

For older “sex-unemployed” women who have never had sex, more attitudes towards sex, more imagination and sharing of peer experiences, and indirect perceptions obtained from books, movies and dramas are unlikelyLack of sexual life hinders depression.

If you want to bid farewell to this single life and take an active role, you don’t have to wait for the couple to come.


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